Een van de deelnemers drukte haar ervaringen uit in een gedicht.

One breath at a time (20181111)

All the bells that chime

All the bells that tool

Tell me it’s time to breathe in and out

To feel what life is really all about

To aim for the best you can be

No claims on all that was, is and will be

To aim for the best that I can be

Walking under all those autumn trees

I see they fall

Leaving fruits so precious

Revealing their mighty redness

In years to grow to such greatness

You inspire me to be silent

Knowing I bear many seeds in me

All growing to be leaves of love and wonder

Wonders of mother nature

I’m blessed to know you

I’m blessed to be here with you

I’m blessed and will pass it on

And watering all life that’s meaningful to me

I asked for clearance

I leave with my head up high

Full with inspirations

On how to be a happy teacher that changes the world

One breath at a time